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Four Season Membership

Maryam Wood

I just finished some field preparation for this years growing plan and it struck me one of my favorite things about growing my own fruits and vegetables is the seasonality and looking forward to specific things at their correct time. Enjoying locally grown produce means you get the best flavor but for a short window. It is with that in mind that I set up the 4 Seasons Membership

If you sign up for our Silver series you too will enjoy the fruits of my labor (I know i am very punny). You will get 3 of our Classic Jams or Jellies giving you your favorites, along with a seasonal limited edition flavor which will change with the seasons. Additionally you will get a selection of hand made treats to enjoy.

I see this as a way for you to help support us in keeping local food available, as ever I am truly inspired by your support and help in this mission..

For those of you who prefer more control, or who simply know what you and your family love already why not consider the Gold series. Here you will still get the amazing limited edition seasonal variety, but will be able to choose your three quarterly jams giving you your choice of our full range.

Whichever option you pick I am sure you will be delighted with your seasons selection.

As ever I appreciate your help and support. Feedback is greatly appreciated too. What would you like to see?

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