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4-Season Jam Membership

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4-Season Jam Membership

Our 4-season jam membership allows you or a lucky recipient to try our family favorites from our selection of products over the year. So that they may become your family favorites too!  Each carefully crafted box set will include 4 jars of jam and jelly along with a fresh sampling of our hand crafted chocolates.  Choose from two levels of membership; Silver members will receive three jams from our Classic line plus our special limited edition seasonal flavor*.

Gold members will have the option to choose which three flavors they would like plus our special limited edition seasonal flavor*.

So whether you wish to try variety throughout the year or stick to tried and true favorites plus a seasonal flair, we have a package for you. Don’t forget the hand made chocolates which are sure to please!

Payment options include quarterly per seasonal box release or a yearly membership (4 seasons and receive 10% off ²)

*Each Quarter we will make a limited run of a seasonal fruit, with priority going to 4-Season Members

² Annual Membership will begin at the next available Seasonal Box and include 4 consecutive Box releases. Choice of three Jam or Jelly can be three different or all the same.